Well, hi.

October 06, 2020

Well, hi. Yarn Folk

Hang on tight; here we go! Head on over to yarnfolk.com and take a look around! (Unless you're reading this ON the site; in which case, welcome!)

We're not done, but most of what's available in the store is available online. Going forward, I'll be adding in a few of the things that are still missing, and we're tweaking the navigation a little bit, as well as sorting out some details about how product pages display information. I'll also be adding pattern suggestions, and will have a mechanism to allow you to purchase customizable kits.

The site calculates your actual shipping based on item weight, and then it is discounted when your purchase is $99, and free when your purchase greater than $149. Shop at your convenience, and orders placed by 2 pm will usually get mailed out the same day--and not later than the next day.

I'm so excited to be able to connect with so many friends who have shopped in person over the years, but may live too far for regular visits! It's challenging when life pushes you to make changes, but we're doing our best to make the actual changes positive.

Extra big thanks to Sara of Syntropy Collective, who has been holding my hand throughout the process of switching Yarn Folk from Squarespace to Shopify. And I've had exceptional support from a team of developers to handle the integration between the website and my point of sale software, including several sessions where they were working with me early on a Friday morning, while it was well past 9 pm in India.

Current open hours are Monday - Friday, 7am-3:30pm, and Saturdays, 9am-3pm. In-store shopping: mask covering nose and mouth required for the duration of your visit. Please note that the scheduling tool we were using is not currently available on the new platform--if you'd like to reserve a shopping time, please email me: ann@yarnfolk.com. We continue to be mindful about making it possible to maintain social distancing in the shop.

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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching via Zoom 

Wednesday, October 7, 12:00-1:00pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88351111252?pwd=WFpkR2pLaEx4d1dMSFI3OXl4dWJ5Zz09 OR open Zoom and enter 883-5111-1252 for the meeting ID

Thursday, October 8, 4:00-6:00pm https://us04web.zoom.us/j/981942707?pwd=TExyQlRPWnB3OW40QkFZRCs5aVRtQT09 OR open Zoom and enter 981-942-707 for the meeting ID

Friday, October 9, 12:00-1:00pm https://us04web.zoom.us/j/741980568?pwd=bXp1ellFUHNqS0lUaFYvS1ord3Fndz09 OR open Zoom and enter 741-980-568 for the meeting ID FELIX KAL INCLUDED HERE!


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...to anticipate


Last week, I promised to announce a fall accessory stitch-along. In choosing (a) project(s), I wanted to provide

  • the opportunity to play with color
  • some choice about the scope of the project
  • related options for knit and crochet

The  Fall Cowl KAL CAL (honestly, I'm just entertaining myself saying that) will happen during the last two weeks of October, and the first two weeks of November. The patterns are:

Colormatic, by Michelle Hunter (DK yarn, 400 yds for short version, 800 yds for long version, divided between four colors) (Colormatic was a Knit Purl Hunter KAL in 2013, so there is lots of technique support on her blog.)

Cobblestone Cowl, by Rachy Newin (DK yarn, 274 yds MC and 300 yds CC. CC can be divided among multiple colors)

Dissent Cowl (knit), by Carissa Browning (DK yarn, 150 yds in a light, possibly variegated color, 240 yds in a dark, solid or semi-solid color)

Dissent Cowl (crochet), by Carissa Browning (DK yarn, 130 yds in a light, possibly variegated color, 175 yds in a dark, solid or semi-solid color)

You can peruse DK yarn options here. (Please note that some yarns are tagged both DK and Sport when they work well with a range of gauges.)

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…to inspire

Woman wearing a gold poncho with a detached grey cowl

 We recently added Berroco Vintage Chunky to the shop as an easy care bulky weight option, and wanted to highlight a couple of great patterns from Elizabeth Smith that would work well with either Vintage Chunky or Mercado, if you prefer a 100% natural fiber yarn. 

The Happy Harvest Poncho is pictured above, and features a hi-low hem, the acorn lace stitch, and color detail at the upper back and on the detached cowl. The pattern is available both through Ravelry In-Store Sales or from Berroco's Pattern Store.

Audrey's Cardigan caught my eye via Elizabeth's email, and the story behind it is very sweet. It is the grown up version of a child's cardigan she designed for a friend's daughter on her first day of pre-K. Audrey's First Day was modeled by her young friend then, and the new design is again modeled by Audrey--this time as she begins high school. 

You may notice that both the Happy Harvest poncho and Audrey's Cardigan are designed for Ultra Wool Chunky, and if you would prefer to use that in lieu of Vintage Chunky or Mercado, I am happy to arrange an order through Berroco's Drop Ship program--shipping is only $7 for any size order, and all yarns other than the Fall 2020 introductions are available. 


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...to stitch


The Sharon Show

So you can probably gather that I didn't do that much knitting this week, except I did try to take the day off on Sunday, and I finished Clue 5 of The Sharon Show, and started Clue 6, which is the final section. The projected finished size is a rectangle that is about 17" wide and five and a half feet long, which is essentially a very wearable blanket. We have reached that time of year where I want something warm around my shoulders at least during the early morning hours! The recommendation for this project was to use mainly solid or tonal colors. I used Berroco Ultra Wool Fine in Matcha, Breeze, Forget-Me-Not, and Frost.

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