Berroco Spring Yarn Tasting

February 20, 2024

Berroco-Spring-Yarn-Tasting Yarn Folk

With Spring on the horizon, we've added a Berroco Yarn Tasting event to the calendar for Friday, March 8th from 4-6pm. Your ticket to the event includes mini balls (10-20g) of four new Berroco yarns, and new colors of two existing favorites, a yarn tasting menu, the Spring 24 Berroco newsletter, sheepy sticker, and a coupon for 50% off any Berroco PDF pattern. Attendees will also be entered to win a door prize--a kit to make a project in one of the featured yarns.

Space is limited! Sign up here.

If you're not available for the in-person event, we also have an at-home option, where the tasting kits are shipped to your home. You can order those here.

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…mark your calendars

Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

A reminder--if you're feeling poorly, please join us again as soon as you're feeling better!

Make It Scandi Sweater Makealong

January 13 - February 29

As we approach the end of the MAL, several participants have expressed interest in seeing the projects (in progress or completed). If you would like to be included in a project roundup, please send a photo of your project to (or stop by, and I can photograph it with you).


Leap Day Cast On (informal)

February 29

Do you have a BIG project you've wanted to start? A big blanket, a complicated sweater, or something else? Start it on Leap Day, and you can work on it for four years before the project has its first birthday! 😎

Berroco Spring 24 Yarn Tasting

March 8, 4-6p

See details above. 

Weather Delay

In the ten years we've been open, we've had *very* few unscheduled closures. That said, our hours are sometimes affected, and here's how we try to keep you posted:
  • We update our hours in Google. Sometimes they don't approve the update as fast as we'd like, but we do make every effort to post any changes there.
  • We make social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, and share those posts to our stories. If you happen to see a post, please like or share it--it really helps to get the word out when there is more interaction.
  • If we have access to the shop phone, we update the outgoing message. 
  • Please remember that we travel from Upper County, and sometimes conditions there are very different.

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…new in the shop


With big interest in crocheted and knitted amigurumi, we've added Ricorumi Nilli Nilli. This yarn with the silly name is a dense and fluffy polyester chenille that comes in 30 colors. It's sold in 25g skeins (which are SO CUTE).  

(We also found a better way to display both these minis and the Uni Merino Minis--you'll have a much easier time seeing all of the colors available!)


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…to inspire


Maybe your Leap Day project (see above) involves granny squares, or maybe you've noticed lots of granny square cardis in the zeitgeist. (A few examples on Ravelry here.) Maybe you just remembered the Hannah Tote pattern you bought on Etsy but didn't start? (In which case, maybe you are me?)
Salena Baca, founder of the American Crochet Association, published a really great blog post on granny squares last month, including a basic pattern, video support, techniques for connecting them, and even a bit of history. If granny squares are on your mind, it's definitely worth a look! 

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...currently stitching


The sleeves of Autumn Alpine are finished 🥳 — and I added 2" to the body during the Scandi zoom and watching The Greatest Night in Pop (recommend)!

I also made progress on the Oaken shawl. The initial garter stitch section is complete, and I'm on the second (of five) repeats of the lace section. I'm using Hudson & West Forge, and it's a really pleasant knit!

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