4Shop 4Day KAL Zoom 🌟today🌟 @ 5 PDT!

June 04, 2024

4Shop 4Day KAL Zoom 🌟today🌟 @ 5 PDT!

A few of my favorite shop owners cooked up the idea of doing a joint zoom to talk about this year's Olive Knits 4 Day KAL--Spill the Tea--and show you our featured yarns + samples. (Mine is only partially done, but there's enough there for you to get the idea!)

So please join Nancy from Knitapestry in NJ, Lucinda from Mont Tricot in Québec, Lisa from One City Market in Missouri, and me for a fun intro to this summer tradition! I can promise you lots of laughter, and a peek at what we've been brewing up! 

Here is the link! 4Shop 4Day KAL Zoom
Yarn Folk's 4Day KAL page will go live at the same time as the Zoom, 5pm PDT today! You'll be able to find it at this link.


…mark your calendars

Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

Bring your current project, and spend some time with others who really vibe on yarn!

Knit or Crochet Every Day in May

Turn in your completed trackers in person or by email (ann@yarnfolk.com) before midnight tomorrow! Reward discount will go out on Thursday, and we'll draw for the prize!

WIP Bingo

June 1-30

Join Cerulean Orchid, Yarn Folk, and other participating shops for a round of WIP Bingo! Low stakes, lots of prizes, and a little extra oomph to finish some projects! We have BINGO sheets here at Yarn Folk, or you can download one here.

Spill the Tea Planning Zoom -- Explore the 4-Day with 4 Shops

June 4, 5p PDT 

Nancy from Knitapestry in New Jersey, Lucinda from Mont Tricot in  Québec, Lisa from One City Market in Missouri, and I are hosting a free Zoom to talk about the Olive Knits 4 Day KAL and our yarn choices. Join us on June 4th, 5p PDT at this Zoom link.

Brioche Knitting with Anita Osterhaug (waitlist)

June 15 

Book signing and brioche class with Anita Osterhaug, author of Nordic Hands, and editor emerita of Handwoven magazine. Class is full; please email if you would like to be added to the waitlist.

Olive Knits 4 Day KAL 

July 3 - 31

Choose your own level of challenge--knit it in four days, or at a pace that works with YOUR July. Either way, join us for the fun!

Also Coming in July: Christmas Stocking KAL 🧑🏻‍🎄❄️🎄🧦🧧🎁


…new in the shop

We ordered new bag styles from our friends at Splash Fabric when we were in Chicago. Both are made from their signature laminated cotton, which is one of the best water-and-spill-resistant fabrics I've ever encountered. The roll-up style rolls up or down to fit the volume of your goods* and buckles closed. There are also two pockets on the front. The reversible tub sits flat and upright when the top is folded down, keeping its contents* contained.

*And by "goods" and "contents" we mean yarn. It's yarn.


After years of being asked where to get poly-fil stuffing in Ellensburg, the answer is now: at Yarn Folk. Due to space constraints, we ordered it in bulk and are repackaging into 10 oz, two gallon bags several at a time. We are selling premium Poly-fil from Fairfield World--in addition to being resilient and consistent, it is 100% recycled, and made in the US. Find it here.


…to inspire


For whatever reason, intarsia projects have been catching my eye recently. Intarsia, sometimes called "picture knitting" is the technique used when you are working a shape of one color that appears on a background of a different color. To accomplish this without managing extremely long floats on the non-public side of the fabric, you use individual balls or bobbins of yarn for each color block. Very Pink Knits demonstrates the technique here. There are also intarsia crochet techniques--more information here.

The Roo Designs sweaters like shop samples the Rabbit Crew Neck and Mountain Pullover are accessible places to start, but there are gorgeous adult garments like Nola, the Mooncrush Tank and Mooncrush Pullover, the Warp Vest, Bolt, Get a Drip Vest, Make Myself Flowers, and more. Intarsia is also often employed in Christmas stockings, knitted plushies, and classic argyle patterns!

...currently stitching

We'll be featuring our in-progress sample of Spill the Tea beginning tomorrow, but last week while waiting for the yarn to arrive, I worked on The Traveler Hat in Lamb & Goat. The pattern suggests size 5 needles, which I honestly thought might be a little on the big side, but that 10% cashmere in the Lamb & Goat fluffs right up and the deep ribbing is extra cushy. I'm past the ribbing and into the fun part now! 

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