Valentine's Day: Better with Yarn

February 09, 2021

Valentine's Day: Better with Yarn Yarn Folk

Happy Valentine's Day! Drop a hint to your sweetie--gift cards are available online, and gift certificates are available in the shop!. 

Current open hours are Monday - Friday, 7am-3:30pm, and Saturdays, 9am-3pm. In-store shopping: mask covering nose and mouth required for the duration of your visit. We continue to be mindful about making it possible to maintain social distancing in the shop.

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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching via Zoom 

Thursday, February 11, 4:00-6:00pm OR open Zoom and enter 981-942-707 for the meeting ID


Reminder: we've consolidated to just one Zoom event for now, but if you'd like to share project photos, chat, or share KAL progress, we'd love for you to create an account at and participate in the community we're building there. No intent to be yet another social network, but it's an option for sharing that doesn't depend on any outside platform. You can find it here.

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We're receiving a variety of accessory items over the next little while, and last week, we added some fun fiber-themed items from Lucky Sardine. The Rainbow Unicorn Black Sheep and No Probllama are featured on stickers, enamel pins, and greeting cards.

I also took the opportunity to add other cards and enamel pins to the online shop! (Scissors are newly added as well.)

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…to inspire

I wanted to share just a couple of patterns that caught my eye this week!

Casapinka's newest pattern, Powder Wrap, is a generous worsted weight shawl with beautiful textured details. She shows it in cream--which has been tough to come by recently (backordered/temporarily unavailable from lots of vendors)--but I do have Natural, Ivory, and Fog available in Malabrigo Rios, and Natural available in Washted. The pattern specifies that a yarn with a lot of drape is NOT required--I think it could also be very cozy in Woolstok, Lanas, Ultra Wool, or Mountain Meadow Jackson.

And--not that I know ANYONE* who might have a spare skein of HiKoo Kenzie kicking around--but Ouma's Hand Warmers from TJ (threegreenbananas on Instagram) take just one skein for a pair.

*Not naming names, anyway :)

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Valkyrie Hat


The Valkyrie Hat is finished, and after a bath, will be popped into the mail with some other Valentine and birthday treats. The pattern calls for two colors of Rios, and if you're a fan of brioche, it's a quick, fun project.


My version of STRIPES! uses nine colors of Woolstok, and it's looking as though one skein of each color, plus an extra of the beginning/ending color will be the correct amount for the third size (finished bust of 40"). I'm oddly amused by knitting each stripe. (Body, sleeve, sleeve. Body, sleeve, sleeve.) Fingers crossed I'll finish this week! 

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