See you tomorrow! 😷

January 30, 2024

See-you-tomorrow Yarn Folk

This will be quick. Today (Tuesday) is my last day of Covid isolation. While I can't say this is the most fun I've ever had, I'm lucky that my family's symptoms were annoying rather than severe, and once I succumbed, we were able to stop wearing masks around the house. 

Normal shop hours will resume tomorrow; I will be wearing a mask for at least another five days, possibly more. The air purifier and fans will be running, and I will have masks available for customers. 

I appreciate your patience and well wishes!

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…mark your calendars

Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

A reminder--if you're feeling poorly, please join us again as soon as you're feeling better!

Make It Scandi Sweater Makealong

January 13 - February 29

Our official start date will be January 13th, and we'll continue through February. The theme for January's sweater makealong is: Scandi Design. Some suggested jumping off points include: 

  • Scandinavian designers -- Filtered Ravelry search here.
  • Pattern tagged with design elements from one of the Scandinavian countries. Filtered Ravelry search here.
  • Use a Scandinavian yarn. We have Tukuwool Fingering and Léttlopi at Yarn Folk. If you would like to use a different weight of Lopi, we can drop ship through Berroco.
  • Try a soft neutral scheme that evokes 2222222 interior design, or other colors that are often represented: pale blue, forest green, burnt orange, dusty pink...
  • Use mohair carried along with another yarn--a technique often used by Scandinavian designers. Filtered Ravelry search here.

Make It Scandi Zooms THIS SUNDAY

We will have three makealong zooms, all on Sundays from 1-2pm. (Technically, the meeting length is limited to 40 minutes; my understanding is that there's usually a bit of a grace period.)

Sundays: February 4, and February 18, 1-2pm (PLEASE NOTE DATE CORRECTIONS)

Meeting link (note: this link will be attended on the above dates only)

Password: Scandi

Holiday Hours

February 19 (Presidents Day) -- TBD

Weather Delay

In the ten years we've been open, we've had *very* few unscheduled closures. That said, our hours are sometimes affected, and here's how we try to keep you posted:
  • We update our hours in Google. Sometimes they don't approve the update as fast as we'd like, but we do make every effort to post any changes there.
  • We make social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, and share those posts to our stories. If you happen to see a post, please like or share it--it really helps to get the word out when there is more interaction.
  • If we have access to the shop phone, we update the outgoing message. 
  • Please remember that we travel from Upper County, and sometimes conditions there are very different.

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…new in the shop


Since the last several days didn't go as planned we're going to leave this here, and let you know that it's not too late to order! 

We're doing something special for Valentine's Day this year!  Choose your level of extravagance--Ring Pop, Whitman's Sampler, or A Dozen Roses--and get a surprise project and extras to make your day just a little sweeter. Choose a general color range, let us know how you feel about mohair, and we'll curate a Valentine just for you. If you have other specifics we should know about, use the special instructions box at checkout or email 

Orders will be mailed or ready for pickup by February 9th. Treat yourself, or drop a hint to your valentine!

A Valentine Surprise: Crochet Edition

A Valentine Surprise: Knit Edition

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…to inspire


We're switching it up briefly here. Because at this moment, soup is what I am finding inspiring. 

I have no idea what the soup above actually is, but it does look quite a bit like Carrot Onion Soup, one of my all time favorites. When I was a brand new vegetarian, I had a paperback copy of Diet for a Small Planet, and this is the recipe I've made ever since. It is very easy, delicious, quick to make, and I almost always have the (simple) ingredients. I've often included a handwritten version of it in wedding cards--it's great to have a "when the cupboard is bare" recipe in your back pocket. 

You can find the recipe here. To make it even faster, you can use a bag of julienned carrots, and vegan butter and milk alternatives work just as well as dairy products. I do think it benefits from LOTS of tarragon, and I usually add black pepper, too.

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...currently stitching



When you're in isolation, at least you might finish a sweater yoke?? Somehow my brain kept it together to reach the sleeve divide of Autumn Alpine. After the last increase, there were 416 yoke stitches, and the chart repeats were 26 stitches wide. The floral motifs are symmetrical, and I found them rhythmic, so it wasn't too much to memorize the repeat. 

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