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February 22, 2022

Pattern suggestions! Yarn Folk

When I'm knitting at work, it's usually on a project I keep at the counter so I can add a few rows here and there OR it's swatching possible new yarns. Lots of the latter activity lately! I've also started a secondary Ravelry profile exclusively for keeping track of swatch information, since sometimes I swatch for yarn evaluation, not as part of a project. I wanted a way to retain that information without complicating my project history. While it is sparsely populated at the moment, you can find the swatching profile at YarnFolkSwatches. (My regular profile is YarnFolkAnn.)

Current open hours are Monday - Thursday, 7am-3:30pm, Friday 8:30am - 5pm and Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

In-store shopping: masks are REQUIRED for all guests over age 2. Thanks for your help in keeping my business open to the public!

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…to learn (and do)

three red and orange skeins of yarn with the words "Yarn Folk talks"


Social Stitching via Zoom 

Thursday, February 24, 4:00-6:00pm OR open Zoom and enter 981-942-707 for the meeting ID


Hudson + West Deep Winter 2022 Trunk Show

Friday, February 25 - Saturday, March 12

Eight pieces from Hudson + West's Deep Winter 2022 collection which debuts February 2nd.

Berroco Topaz Trunk Show

Friday, February 25 - Saturday, March 5

Six pieces from the Fall 2021 Topaz collections.

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Last week, we started a project that's always been part of the plan for our e-commerce site--pattern suggestions for yarns! Pattern suggestions will change over time, as we spot new designs that would be *perfect* in Yarn X. It will take a little time to work through all the yarns, but we've finished with A-D, and are carving out some time daily to continue working through the alphabet.
To visit the live links pictured above, check out the store page for Cumbria Fingering.
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…to inspire

I haven't selected my next sweater project yet, but I have several I'm obsessed with! Clockwise from top left:

Hide & Peak from Maxim Cyr in Trendsetter New York? Or Loch Lomond? Arroyo? or maybe a Neighborhood Fiber Studio DK/Murky Depths Neptune DK combo?

Jessie Maed's Gr8 Gingham Raglan -- this one would probably be in contrasting colors of Trendsetter New York or Loch Lomond (gauge could work for either). I like the pizazz of using a color shifting yarn (I'd sub in Edition 3 for the Spincycle here), but I think I'd more likely opt for the clear graphics of two solid colors.

Metamorphic by Andrea Mowry -- this could work with either Loch Lomond or Trendsetter New York paired with Edition 3 -- and with swatching to determine my preferred combo.

And last but not least, Thea Colman's Angel's Envy, designed with Hudson + West Forge in mind. Very excited to see that we can expect to see more Baby Cocktails designs with this yarn in the future!

(Photos © Maxim Cyr, Jessie Maed Designs, Andrea Mowry, Thea Colman) stitch

Finished, finished, finished! Vár, in Lettlopi, with Aerial carried along for the colorwork only was pleasant in every way--the depth of the colorwork kept things interesting, the fabric on size 9 needles is light and lofty, and I love the swingy shape and deep ribbing details. (I did cheat by reversing the direction of my knitting for the hem ribbing, so that I was knitting K3 P1 ribbing, instead of P3 K1 ribbing. It was just a touch faster, and I treated the gap left by changing directions just like any other short row. You'd never know, unless I told you. 😎)


I diligently knit away on the Curl cowl in Woolstok Light and Aerial Color--but I did at least wind yarn for the Photography Shawl

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