Happy Knitmas!

December 22, 2020

Happy Knitmas! Yarn Folk

This week, Yarn Folk is open Monday-Thursday, 7 am - 3:30pm. After that, I'll be hanging out at home for a few days: knitting, snuggling kitties, and pretending that Chex mix is a viable meal option 😇

We'll see you again on 12/28! Then closed to welcome the new year (🤞🤞🤞), but open 9-3 on Saturday, 1/2/2021.

Online ordering is always available, and orders that arrive by 3 pm Thursday will be shipped out before I head home. Orders placed late Thursday afternoon through Sunday will be shipped on Monday. 

Whatever form your late winter celebrations take--or recently took--I wish you coziness and connection with those you love, though that may look different this year. Cheers to brighter days ahead.

Current open hours are Monday - Friday, 7am-3:30pm, and Saturdays, 9am-3pm. In-store shopping: mask covering nose and mouth required for the duration of your visit. We continue to be mindful about making it possible to maintain social distancing in the shop.

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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching via Zoom 

Thursday, January 7, 4:00-6:00pm https://us04web.zoom.us/j/981942707?pwd=TExyQlRPWnB3OW40QkFZRCs5aVRtQT09 OR open Zoom and enter 981-942-707 for the meeting ID


There will not be Social Stitching on 12/24 or 12/31.

Reminder: we've consolidated to just one Zoom event for now, but if you'd like to share project photos, chat, or share KAL progress, we'd love for you to create an account at yarnfolk.com and participate in the community we're building there. No intent to be yet another social network, but it's an option for sharing that doesn't depend on any outside platform. You can find it here.

Holiday Hours

December 25-26 (Friday/Saturday) closed

January 1 (Friday) closed
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...to anticipate



We're waiting to see if UPS gives up the two big boxes from Malabrigo this week. Space on delivery trucks is tight, it seems! We did restock Plymouth Encore Mega last week, and added two colors of Yakima and two of Erika Knight Wool Local. Along with a few additional interchangeable sets, including ChiaoGoo Twist Shorties.

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…to inspire


© Natalie Sheldon

Ignoring good sense, I do believe that I will be casting on Natalie Sheldon's Advent Socks 2020 as a Twelve Days of Christmas project. They can be knit with fingering weight yarn as traditional socks, sport or DK for larger socks or house slippers, or with worsted or aran for a Christmas stocking (felted, or not). If I don't finish by January 6th, perhaps I'll continue on to have them finished by next year.

In any case, I was drawn to the theme of our homes and communities. Fiber projects have a way of holding thoughts and memories from the time we spend making them, and this seems like a thoughtful way to mark a difficult year.

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...to stitch


Colormatic Cowl

I'm not a monogamous stitcher by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like to create enough structure and focus to make sure that I actually do finish the things that I start! Therefore, although I have been carrying around a couple of skeins of Berroco Lanas to start my next sweater, I've held off on actually beginning until I finish the third section (of four) of Michelle Hunter's Colormatic Cowl. Not there yet, but I'm making progress, and since the mosaic colorwork is the same as the previous section, I nearly have the 12 row repeat memorized. 

Oslo Hat

But then I did cast on something else...but it's just a quick hat. I cast on The Oslo Hat partially because I thought it would be perfect in a combination of Plymouth Moon Shadow and Berroco Aerial (lace weight mohair/silk), and partially because I could not quite wrap my head around the construction of the brim, and decided I should just DO it in order to understand. (Note: it is NOT hard, and the instructions are good--it's just that my brain struggles with right side/wrong side and mirror image issue, and sometimes I have to physically touch things before they make sense.) 

I'll share a finished photo next week, but this is a pattern that is very wearable, extra warm over the ears, and great autopilot knitting. I'll use two skeins of Moon Shadow, but hope to get away with just one of Aerial. (I'm working from a partially used ball, so I may need to pull out some swatches.)

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