Getting Ready!! + Apple Fiber Studio Pretty Pretty Yarn Club

April 04, 2023

Getting Ready!!  + Apple Fiber Studio Pretty Pretty Yarn Club Yarn Folk

That's 12,000 cubic inches of prizes and goodie bag supplies, and I have stuff stashed other places, too!

We've definitely arrived at the stage of event prep where ALL THE BALLS ARE IN THE AIR. There is a plan, things are happening in accordance to the plan, but everything is only *mostly* done, and it is all bananas.

PS -- in case you missed it, Yarn Folk's 10th Anniversary celebration is April 15th, and Local Yarn Store Day is April 29th, and there will be ways to participate online for both!

Current open hours are Monday - Thursday, 7am-3:30pm, Friday 8:30am - 5pm and Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

…mark your calendars

Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

Join us around the big table for a couple of hours of convivial stitching.


Yarn Folk Tenth Anniversary

April 15

Join us for a fun day with new yarn colors created just for Yarn Folk, excellent door prize drawings, and free gifts with purchase. (And more that we're finalizing details on!) 

Girls Night Out

April 27 5-9pm

Wait, this wasn't here last week! You're right! It wasn't! But we just got confirmation that Spring Girls Night Out is happening April 27th.

Local Yarn Store Day

April 29

For the sixth annual Local Yarn Store Day, we'll be celebrating our customers with exclusive merchandise, free pattern offers, and more.

Knit or Crochet Every Day in May

May 1-31

We're bringing back this month-long challenge--you only have to commit to a few stitches a day to enter for  prizes at the end.

yarnfolk dividing line (2).png in the shop



With so much top-secret stuff happening behind the scenes, it's nice to have some pretty new yarn we *can* share right now! This is the April selection from Apple Fiber Studio's Pretty Pretty Yarn Club, and it's even prettier than the preview pics I saw before it arrived. Talk about spring vibes! Grab your skeins here!

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…to inspire


Knitting is in the news again, this time considering the subject of whether it is rude to knit in virtual meetings. The New York Times article considers a variety of perspectives, and compares it to other activities people engage in--doodling (generally accepted) or checking email on a phone (generally frowned on, but probably more common). 

For myself, I'll knit any time I can 1) effectively communicate that I am engaged with the proceedings AND 2) I'm not causing anyone else distress. When people tell me that they don't have the patience for knitting, I usually respond that I have patience because of knitting.

yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

...currently stitching



PetiteKnit's Ingrid Slipover in Hudson + West Forge is almost to the underarm, where the front and back join, and circular  knitting commences. The changes in the texture patterns keep the interest level high on this project, and I always enjoy knitting with Forge. Don't forget, we currently have the Autumn/Winter 2022 trunk show garments in the shop--and it's always nice to see fresh designs in person.


Now we can see the border section of the Photography Shawl in Loch Lomond taking shape, and it's so fascinating to see how much three-dimensional structure we can create with strategic increases and decreases. Designer Kristina Vilimaite actually labels the sections as either "mountains" or valleys, and let me tell you, it's a rich terrain.

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