Get ready for frightful fun in (S)Oc(k)tober!

October 03, 2023

Get ready for frightful fun in (S)Oc(k)tober! Yarn Folk

I think that the Chicago Marathon should look to the Portland Marathon for guidance, and offer cute fiber animals with pom poms as part of the race day experience.

(In my recurring role as logistics coordinator, I will be accompanying my runner to the *other* Windy City later this week, and Liz will be here at the shop for lightly modified hours. See below for details, and as with all schedule changes, Google has been updated.)

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…mark your calendars

Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

Temporary Schedule Changes

October 5 - 9

Opening at 9 every day; closing at regular times (3:30p Thursday & Monday, 5pm Friday, and 4pm Saturday). 


October 14, 9-1

We'll be offering knit/crochet with a friend kits for purchase shortly, and will be hosting an "Each One Teach One" event on Saturday morning from 9a-1p. Take your kit to go, or stay awhile to enjoy some encouraging treats. If you're a knitter or crocheter, grab a friend who's been wanting to learn, and come on down! Additional info regarding the kits will be available soon. 

October Craft Alongs

October 1 - 31

We have TWO craft alongs happening this month--

1) It's Socktober! Start and maybe finish a pair of socks or slippers!

2) Keep it spooky! 

See below for pattern inspo. Use yarn from Yarn Folk, and return this scoresheet by 10/31 and you'll be entered into a drawing for $25 in store credit!

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…new in the shop

Last week we received a big restock of Uni Merino Mini Skeins with our craft alongs in mind! Looking for contrasting cuffs / heels / toes? ✅ Spooky colorwork? ✅Halloween themed amigurumi? ✅ We've got 54 colors in stock to choose from, including five brand new neon hues.


Do you Wooble? The Woobles are the wildly popular learn to crochet kits that come with absolutely everything you need to get started--instructions, yarn, polyfill, safety eyes, crochet hook, video support, and even a pre-started piece to get you on your way. We have five designs in stock (and they also make a great gift, for kids and adults alike).yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

…to inspire

Our October craft alongs are light on rules, big on fun! Two themes--and you can mix-and-match them.

It's Socktober, so our scoresheet has multiple point possibilities related to socks. Slippers count. You don't have to finish--but handmade socks do feel great in November, just sayin'!

Craft along #2 is broadly themed "Keep It Spooky." We've included themes, colors, and motifs on the scoresheet. If you can pitch it as being relevant, I will probably buy it 👻

All you need to do it track your points, use yarn from Yarn Folk for at least a part of your project, and return you scoresheet by 11:59pm on 10/31. 

Each point counts as an entry, and a $25 store credit will be awarded on 11/1.

Need some pattern inspo?

My Ravelry bundle for Spooky Season is here.

I also have a Ravelry bundle of socks that have caught my eye here.

(But any pattern (or improvisation) of your choice works just fine!) 

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...currently stitching



I have one final step for the Wullpullover in Lore remaining, but I decided to block the sweater first, and it could be worn as is.

The final step is to mattress stitch the faux seam stitches on the inner sleeves and at the sides. The ingenuity of this design element is a big part of why I was eager to knit this design, and I plan to record a short demo highlighting how it work.

If the Wullpullover is intriguing you, you can find kits for this sweater here.

Now to figure out which projects are flying to Chicago with me!

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