September 01, 2020


Boxes in various states of being unpacked

Barely managed chaos is the state of affairs. I ordered nothing during the two + months the store was closed to the public, and not much since then. Now it’s fall, and boxes are starting to arrive to restore the shelves to their normal state WHILE I’m also trying to learn the systems that will run a full online store. I’m either elbow-deep in cardboard boxes or glued to my laptop keyboard.

Thanks for your patience with my schedule changes last week—I anticipate that further system “onboarding” will be on the fly and shorter in duration.


Current open hours are Monday - Friday, 7am-3:30pm, and Saturdays, 9am-1pm. Yarn Folk will be closed on Labor Day. In-store shopping: mask covering nose and mouth required for the duration of your visit; two customers at a time; avoid any wait by scheduling at yarnfolk.com/scheduling. And we’re always open at yarnfolk.com/shop!

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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching via Zoom


Wednesday, September 2, 12:00-1:00pm https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88351111252?pwd=WFpkR2pLaEx4d1dMSFI3OXl4dWJ5Zz09 OR open Zoom and enter 883-5111-1252 for the meeting ID

Thursday, September 3, 4:00-6:00pm https://us04web.zoom.us/j/981942707?pwd=TExyQlRPWnB3OW40QkFZRCs5aVRtQT09 OR open Zoom and enter 981-942-707 for the meeting ID

Friday, September 4, 12:00-1:00pm https://us04web.zoom.us/j/741980568?pwd=bXp1ellFUHNqS0lUaFYvS1ord3Fndz09 OR open Zoom and enter 741-980-568 for the meeting ID FELIX KAL INCLUDED IN FRIDAY ZOOMS BEGINNING 9/11/2020.


Yarn Folk will be closed for Labor Day, Monday, September 7.

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...to anticipate


Fully stocked shelves of Encore

Fully stocked shelves of Encore

It’s really been awhile since Plymouth Encore and Encore Mega were fully stocked, and between customer on Saturday, I did all of the Tetris-like manipulations to refill the space they occupy in the score—56 cubes, each containing 16 skeins = 640 skeins of Encore & 256 of Encore Mega. Easy on the budget without the squeaky feel of lower quality acrylic blends, a small amount of wool for coziness, and easy to care for. It’s not the flashiest or most luxurious yarn I sell, but it’s the right yarn for a lot of projects!

I also restocked Studio Donegal Soft Donegal—two of my favorite sweaters, Daelyn and Treysta were made with it, and it’s one of the yarns I’m suggesting for the Felix KAL. I added all of the restocked colors to the online listing for Felix!

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…to inspire

2017 photo of ferris wheel at the Kittitas County Fair

2017 photo of ferris wheel at the Kittitas County Fair

The virtual version of the Kittitas County Fair will be online this year. I’m sure I am not alone in feeling wistful about not wandering through the barns to look at needlework draft horse, and quilts, but check in at the Kittitas Valley Event Center website over the weekend to see the virtual exhibits.

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...to stitch

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The Sharon Show


I did much more typing and sticker-ing than I did knitting last week, but I still completed Clue 2 of The Sharon Show, while more timely knitters began to work on Clue 4. I’m still enjoying these fun colors of Berroco Ultra Wool Fine together, and I added the combo to the kit listing here.

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