Elvis, Whirls, Sleeve Island, and LAST CALL on Clearance Yarns

August 09, 2022

Elvis, Whirls, Sleeve Island, and LAST CALL on Clearance Yarns Yarn Folk

It might be FULL SUMMER out there, but autumn is coming on strong here at Yarn Folk. Our final markdowns of the Semi-Annual Clearance Sale go into effect today. There's not a lot left, but it's good stuff.

Apologies in advance if you come in over the next few weeks and find things a mess. I'll be making a couple of fixture adjustments, fall yarns are starting to arrive, and you never know how new stock is going to fit onto the shelves until it arrives, in spite of your best estimates. I think it will be worth it, and I hope you're as excited as I am for an inspiring new season

Current open hours are Monday - Thursday, 7am-3:30pm, Friday 8:30am - 5pm and Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

In-store shopping: masks are optional (but welcome and appreciated). 
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…to learn (and do)

three red and orange skeins of yarn with the words "Yarn Folk talks"


Semi-Annual Clearance Sale

We've made a serious dent in what we pulled to make way for new yarns, but there are still some exceedingly beautiful yarns left. Find the sale here.

Most things are at the deepest 75% off discount. Help us make way for new fall merchandise!


In-Person Social Stitching

August 13 & 27

(2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month), 2-4 pm

August 17 

(3rd Wednesdays, May-October), 5-8 pm

September 10 & 24

(2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month), 2-4 pm

September 21

(3rd Wednesdays, May-October), 5-8 pm


Trilogy Yarns Trunk Show

Saturday, October 22

Save the date! (The Social Stitching that would normally fall on this date will be moved to the 29th.)

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...to anticipate

Even though we're just getting started, we've got a bit of monthly fun combined with a line of yarns we've just added to share this week! First up, it's a a couple of cotton-blend yarns from Scheepjes (pronounced skape-yis), a Dutch brand I connected with at our trade show in June. First up is Whirl. These are long (loooong) gradient cakes of a fingering weight 60% cotton, 40% acrylic blend. At 1094 yards, there are lots of projects where a single cake will suffice. You got a peek at my emerging sample, the crochet Fenna Shawl by Brittany Garber, and if you'd rather knit, try Freia from the Brittany's Sisters Not Twins collaboration with SunDaughterKnits. For more ideas, take a look at pattern ideas for Whirl on Ravelry.

We've also added Stone Washed, also a 60% cotton, 40% acrylic blend, this time in a DK. It's very soft, with a heathered watercolor look. I haven't selected a project for this one, but I swatched it in both knit and crochet, and it's a pleasure to work with. You can find pattern ideas on Ravelry here

Finally, we've got the August offerings from two of our monthly clubs. From Apple Fiber Studio, and inspired by Elvis, we have The King. (This quarter's theme for the Pretty Pretty Yarn Club is "blockbusters.") And Katrinkles' Stitch Markers of the Month are coming to us from Sleeve Island. Very tempting to keep a set for myself, as I am currently on that island!! And we also received a small book order--you can find our book selection here. (Remember, if your online order contains *only* books, it is eligible for Media Mail shipping at a lower cost.)
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…to inspire

I've mentioned My Body Model before, and this weekend, I used it to do some fall project planning. One thing I've really come to appreciate during the past two years is that any time I can simplify things for future me, that self is very appreciative. I wanted to combine things that are in both my knitting and sewing queues to make a capsule wardrobe that will accommodate lots of mixing and matching--without a lot of morning decision-making when it's time to get dressed. 

To do this, I printed a sheet of eight croquis, and pulled out my stash of markers and colored pencils. I used the line drawings from the sewing patterns and the schematic drawings from the knitting patterns to make some images that feature each of the things I plan to make (plus two ready-to-wear staples). Looking at them together, I can see how they can mix and match. Then I played around a bit further and imported one of the drawings into Canva, took a picture of an existing sweater and removed the background, and layered it on top. See how the sleeves are too long? Tundra is knit from the bottom up, and I really do have to push them up a bit!

And if this seems a little like high-tech paper dolls, that is exactly what it is! Never too old for some old-fashioned fun.

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...to stitch 



Here's the progress I made on the Fenna Shawl this week. I'm using a cake of Whirl, and I'm on row 54 of 76. Which sounds promising until you remember that as with all top down shawls, the rows are getting ever longer....

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