Big Malabrigo Rios/Washted/Rasta update, Pacific Knit Co. Doodle Card Decks, & @Darcidoesit's #28DaysOfBlackKnitwearDesigners

February 14, 2023

Big Malabrigo Rios/Washted/Rasta update, Pacific Knit Co. Doodle Card Decks, & @Darcidoesit's #28DaysOfBlackKnitwearDesigners Yarn Folk

I highlighted the #FiberuaryChallenge and #28DaysOfYourLYS Instagram challenges last week, and this week we want to share @DarciDoesIt's #28DaysOfBlackKnitwearDesigners. Each of her reels introduces a different designer, gives an overview of their work, and highlights a few of her favorite patterns. I've shared them to Yarn Folk's Instagram stories, but give Darci a follow--her enthusiasm is a joy.  

Current open hours are Monday - Thursday, 7am-3:30pm, Friday 8:30am - 5pm and Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

In-store shopping: masks are optional (but welcome and appreciated). 
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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

Join us around the big table for a couple of hours of convivial stitching.

Winter Challenges

Schedule changes related to winter weather will be posted on the door if possible, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. If roads are crummy on a Saturday, opening time will likely be delayed until 11:30.

Gartergan KAL

January 14-February 28 

Pattern here. This KAL will be self-directed, but please feel free to join in on Saturday social stitching, or to reach out for assistance. The beginning steps are well-designed and explained, but the cardigan starts out a bit differently than most, and I am happy to field questions! Recommended gauge is 20 stitches / 4"--lots of options will work for this! (Lore, Loch Lomond, Tosh DK, Encore, Lanas, Ultra Wool, Rios, Forge, Woolstok...)

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Yarn Folk is excited to be offering Pacific Knit Co.'s Doodle Card Decks! These are such a cool tool for creating your own stranded colorwork designs, and in addition to the 52 chart cards, there are "recipe" cards with instructions for standard and infinity cowls. Designer Jamie Lomax also had some very pretty stickers, so I bought some of those, too!

There's also some new washi tape (great as an alternative to highlighter tape--or just for decorative purposes) from Cheery Human. 

And, there is fresh stock of Rios, Washted, and Rasta in the shop and online!

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…to inspire

There's lots of furious pencil scratching and swatching over here as I decide which yarns will be making their way onto the shelves over the next couple of months. If you'd like to play a modified version of this fun game, you can order a Berroco Home Yarn Tasting Kit for Spring 2023! The cost is $17, and you will receive mini balls of five new yarns and one warm weather favorite, the Berroco Spring newsletter, a Berroco sheep sticker, and a code good for 50% off a Berroco pattern of your choice. The yarn tasting kits are part of the Drop Ship 1-2-3 program (so you order directly from Yarn Folk, either here or in person) but the $17 includes the postage, so there is no additional drop ship fee. The kits will be sent directly to you from Berroco, but once you've had a chance to taste these yarns, share your thoughts with me!
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Look at that, would ya. It's one whole sleeve of the Pressed Flowers Cardi! One sleeve down, three to go! 

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