A Light in the Window Blanket Kits, and NEW Doodle Decks from Pacific Knit Co!

September 26, 2023

A Light in the Window Blanket Kits, and NEW Doodle Decks from Pacific Knit Co! Yarn Folk

I should have taken a photo of the stack(s) of packages I just relayed to the post office! In lieu of that, here's an outtake photo of what my presenting space looked like at the end of my session for the Have a Ball Fall Crawl! It's actually in fairly good shape--other times when I've done these live video events, yarn ETC is strewn across every off-camera surface.

The sessions of the Have a Ball Fall Crawl I've been able to watch so far have been fun to see, and I enjoyed presenting. My son was incredibly helpful in assisting with the event--he took on the task of answering questions and providing links in the Zoom chat space. 

There is still another weekend's worth of presenters to anticipate, and if you think you'd be interested, you can still register--you'll be able to watch the remaining presentations live, and get links to everything that happened this past weekend. $10 is a great value for a low-key yarn-filled virtual road trip!yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

…mark your calendars

Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

Have a Ball Fall Crawl (Virtual)

September 22-24, and September 30-October 1

Yarn Folk will be presenting Sunday, September 24, at 9:45am PDT. Register today for your virtual visit to 25 yarn shops throughout the country, plus the opportunity to win lots of great prizes contributed by our sponsors! Find the signup link at haveaballfallcrawl.com!


Temporary Schedule Changes

October 5 - 9

Opening at 9 every day; closing at regular times (3:30p Thursday & Monday, 5pm Friday, and 4pm Saturday). yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

…new in the shop


I'm happy to announce that we now have the revamped Doodle Decks from Pacific Knit Co! When we originally carried these, there was just one deck. Now there are five! (But we have four of those five, because we sold all of the Basic Decks during our Have a Ball Fall Crawl timeslot!) 

The new decks are organized by seasonal themes--Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The Autumn and Winter decks both contain some charts that were in the original deck; Spring and Summer are both entirely new charts. All are eminently mix-and-matchable, and they all include pattern instructions for one sided and cowl, and an infinity style knit in the round.

Find them here--they are so portable, and a really interesting alternative to a book of stitch motifs. 

yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

…to inspire




I've linked to The Vivienne Files method of using artwork to develop color palettes for a wardrobe, and I applied the same concept when I was working on color combinations for A Light in the Window blanket kits for the Have a Ball Fall Crawl.
I am a huge admirer of the painter Jacob Lawrence, and The Builders is a particular favorite. I tried to choose colors of Berroco Ultra Wool that conveyed the dynamic feeling of the work, even though they are not 1:1 matches. 
A Light in the Window is a blanket that is knit modularly--the mitered garter stitch squares build on each other in the knitting. You can take a look at the color selections I made here, and if one of them speaks to you, your purchase will be fulfilled as a drop shipment from Berroco.    yarnfolk dividing line (2).png

...currently stitching




I'm about to join the sleeves to the body of the Wullpullover in Lore!

As a side note, I put together kits for this sweater--it only uses a single yarn, but the kits eliminate the need for you to dive too deeply into the pattern in advance--just choose a size range, and go!


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