2020 Stitching in Review

January 05, 2021

2020 Stitching in Review Yarn Folk

I knew when I navigated to my Ravelry page that it was going to tell a different story than in years past. While stitching has seen something of a resurgence in quarantine, I knew that I a) wasn't going to see quite the same thing and b) hadn't done a perfect job of documenting my projects. To wit, the biggest project I completed, the sofa size of Sharon's Glamping Blanket wasn't documented. 

It turns out that setting up e-commerce on not one but two different platforms takes a chunk of time.

While I still need to do some investigating into projects that didn't get recorded, in 2020, I finished

  • 9 sweaters
  • 1 blanket
  •  4 hats
  • 2 pair of socks
  • 3 shawls
  • 1 capelet
  • 1 cowl
  • 1 scarf

We'll see what happens in 2021. It's a strange time, and knitting is still what my hands want to do when they don't know what else to do

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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching via Zoom 

Thursday, January 7, 4:00-6:00pm Social Stitching is back from winter break! What have you been working on?

https://us04web.zoom.us/j/981942707?pwd=TExyQlRPWnB3OW40QkFZRCs5aVRtQT09 OR open Zoom and enter 981-942-707 for the meeting ID


Reminder: we've consolidated to just one Zoom event for now, but if you'd like to share project photos, chat, or share KAL progress, we'd love for you to create an account at yarnfolk.com and participate in the community we're building there. No intent to be yet another social network, but it's an option for sharing that doesn't depend on any outside platform. You can find it here.

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...to anticipate

How's your needle storage? In addition to interchangeable sets, we've also got a number of different styles of needle cases for organizing your circular and double pointed needles. Most of my own needles are in interchangeable sets, but I need to upgrade my own fixed circular storage--I spend way too much time looking for the right needle, even when they are semi-corralled into one or two locations!

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…to inspire



Let's have a little fun in the coming year! Above is a sample Yarn Folk 2021 Bingo card. Email me at ann@yarnfolk.com or pick one up in person (they are different), and you have the year to complete a BINGO. Return your completed card to me by the end of the year to be entered in a drawing for a $75 gift card. 

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...to stitch



Yay! I finally got to begin Deliciosa! I cast on on New Year's Day, and knit most of the hem ribbing on the back piece. I then had to set up the chart in Knit Companion. It's a cable chart, but the cables occur far apart, and the section of the chart that is repeated is 50 stitches wide! As expected, the color is making me very happy, and the Lanas feels fantastic in my hands and on the needles.  

Advent 2020 Socks

Do we think I will finish both of the Advent Socks 2020 by January 6th, the Twelfth Day of Christmas? We do not. However, the fact that I have completed most of one sock and most of the leg of the other is testament to the propulsive power of stranded knitting, especially when the pattern is changing frequently. For this pattern, the variegated contrast colors are working less well than the solids, but since I'm using odds and ends, c'est la vie!

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