Needle Wrangler

Yarn Folk

The Tempestry Project designed this nifty little gadget after seeing too many knitters frustratedly using rubber bands to keep their knitting on their needles, or (sometimes not so) silently cursing fallen-off needle protectors.

Unlike your common point protectors, these needle wranglers are unlikely to fall off your needles while being dragged all over town in your project bags. And even better, they keep your needles together so they don’t go flopping all over the place, getting tangled in your yarn. Say goodbye to needle/yarn tangles and maddening ensuing dropped stitches!

Designed & made in Washington State.


Mini Needle Wranglers fit US 0-3 needles.

Standard Needle Wranglers fit US 4-11 needles.

Jumbo Needle Wranglers fit US 13-19 needles.

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