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What's that up in the sky? Is it a bird? A plane? A rogue weather balloon? Nope, it's our April Goodies! This time of year, knitters tend to report a lot of sightings of UFOs...Un-Finished Objects. Maybe you've just heard of them, maybe you've had your own close encounter; whether you're a believer or a sceptic, you'll agree that these special edition items are far out.

The recently declassified images on this month's Stitch Marker of the Month set are proof positive that if there is life among the stars, it loves yarn. With five engraved wooden markers and one flashy green acrylic extraterrestrial, this set is sure to make your knitting out of this world!

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March is the peak of hibernation season, for bears (and also for some of us humans). For the untamed knitter in the their natural habitat, the winter has been spent storing yarn, stitching warm garments, and watching over slumbering projects in preparation for their emergence in the spring. Our March Goodies celebrate the natural cycle of project hibernation with a Stitch Marker of the Month set featuring a pack of cozy bears happily snoozing the winter away. This month’s Notion is a set of project bag tags that bear (see what we did there?) a reminder to let sleeping projects lie.

A new year has begun and it can’t hurt to start off with a little extra luck! The markers in our February Stitch Marker of the Month set double as good luck charms: five wooden markers inscribed with lucky talismans, plus an acrylic marker in the shape of a lady bug, a traditional symbol of good fortune and positive change.

When the air gets frosty and the snow starts to fall, there are few things as warming as a thick and snuggly cable knit sweater, scarf or hat. Our December Goodies pay tribute to this queen of winter knits with items featuring decorative cable knit designs. December’s Stitch Marker Set of the Month has six markers each wearing different cable patterns. Five are etched in hardwood and one is a cute winter cap in clear acrylic. A great gift for a knitting friend or way to show your love of this classic knitting style.

Decisions, Decisions! November's special edition Stitch Marker Sets raise awareness of a condition that affects so many knitters and crocheters—Cast-on-itis (the urge to cast on new projects even as unfinished projects pile up). Symptoms of Cast-on-itis include running out of needles, stockpiling yarn, finding half-started bits of socks and sweaters in every corner of the house, and general bewilderment over what to finish first—or, if you’ve really got it bad, what to start next! The limited edition Stitch Marker of the Month Set shows a variety of works-in-progress that playfully remind us of the situation we all sometimes find ourselves in. Five of the decorated markers are etched hardwood and one is in rose gold acrylic.

October is nearly on our doorstep, bringing with it the promise of cooler days and the spooky thrills of Halloween. This month’s Stitch Marker Set and Notion celebrate these two signs of fall, with six sweater-shaped stitch markers—five etched with suitably spine-tingling graphics of ghosts, skulls, bats, and Jack-O-Lanterns, and one made of glow-in-the-dark acrylic. October’s Notion is a pumpkin-shaped Kitchener Mini Tool that keeps the spirit of the season while helpfully reminding you how to graft live stitches together seamlessly. (Plus, it’s made of sturdy acrylic in fluorescent orange, so it’s easy to spot in your project bag!)

Gear up for sweater weather! Fall is just around the bend, and September’s Stitch Marker Set and notion embody some of the things we love most about the season: acorns, falling leaves, the gold afternoon light of shorter days. The set includes five engraved wooden stitch markers and one glittery gold acrylic acorn.

Our August Stitch Marker set features 5 different wooden Sleeve Island themed stitch markers and one caribbean clear acrylic sleeve shaped marker. Available as a set of 6 on either closed rings or removable pins.

Sharks! Our July Stitch Marker set features 5 different wooden shark stitch markers and one silver glitter acrylic shark fin marker. Available as a set of 6 on either closed rings or removable pins.

It’s June and we’ve got gardening on our minds! Our June Stitch Marker set features 5 different wooden gardening themed stitch markers and one green acrylic broccoli shaped marker (because veggies are good for you). Available as a set of 6 on either closed rings or removable pins.

Turn it up! Our May Stitch Marker set features 5 different wooden music themed stitch markers and one yellow acrylic cassette tape marker. Music and knitting go together like peanut butter and bananas: we love to put on some tunes to groove along to while our eyes are busy with our needlework. Available as a set of 6 on either closed rings or removable pins.

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