Casapinka Noncho Kits (DK)

Yarn Folk

Two color kits for Casapinka's National Bubble Tea Day poncho pattern.

DK kits feature either Murky Depths Neptune DK, Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio DK or Malabrigo Arroyo. Yardage and price per skein varies--hence the range of kit prices. 

Fingering weight kits feature Apple Fiber Studio Gala. 

Note: if color selection reads "unavailable"--select a size!

Also note: for color combinations designated with an asterisk,the yardage requirements for the smallest size only are 7 yards or less more than full skein. Because the length of the pattern is so easy to modify, we have priced the kits with the smaller amount of yarn. (Example: Color B for the smallest size calls for 337 yards; one skein Malabrigo Arroyo contains 335 yards.) 

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