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Little books explore the big world of knitting. 

No. 25 It’s time for a garden party! Welcome to the world of Dee Hardwicke, the artist whose fertile imagination overflows with nature and color and pattern. Six brand-new, exclusive designs shine thanks to the palette of Atlas yarn.

No. 24 Olga Buraya-Kefelian is one of the most inventive designers working today. These five brand-new designs take us on a fascinating ride. Simple techniques + Olga’s brilliant mind = handknits that will leave your friends asking, “How in the world did you do that?”

No. 23 Off we go with Arne and Carlos! Welcome to a world of exuberant color and pattern, from the brilliant, beloved designers. 

No. 22: One of the knitting world’s most popular designers, Joji Locatelli gives us a new collection of four superb designs. Joji knows what knitters like to knit, and each of these projects taps into the joy of knitting.

No. 21: We welcome with joy the world’s foremost expert on brioche knitting, Nancy Marchant! Field Guide No. 21: Brioche is perfect for knitters new to brioche, with how-to instructions, tips, and four patterns that set a knitter up for brioche glory.

No. 20: No one has given more thought to knitwear and its meaning in our lives than British designer Erika Knight, who has been designing knitwear for decades.

No. 19: Five artful patterns introduce us to the concept of marling and set us on a gorgeous exploration of texture and color. 

No. 18: A collection of designs so elemental, so distilled, that every knitter can make them.

No. 17: From colorwork master Mary Jane Mucklestone, 5 playful designs that celebrate Lettlopi, the Icelandic worsted-weight yarn.

No. 16: For knitters used to working only stranded colorwork, an introduction to rhythmic, geometric intarsia.

No. 15: Modern lace. From the playful imagination of Jeannette Sloan come five gorgeous patterns that explore the magical effects of lace. 

No. 14: A welcome breeze of clean, fresh design from Carol Feller, the Irish designer whose work we have loved for many years.

No. 13: Kaffe Fassett brings us the most exhilarating knitting we know. We believe, based on our own experience, that you are about to fall in love.

No. 12: Superchunky, superfast, these five modern designs from Jen Geigley are what gift knitting is all about.

No. 11: Consider this the only book of sock patterns that you'll ever need. The essential introduction to one of knitting's greatest pleasures: the handknit sock.

No. 10: Three new designs that capture the cool, wearable vibe of Isabell Kraemer.

No. 9: A new order of knitting, from the mind of revolutionary cable innovator Norah Gaughan.

No. 8: From Thea Colman, five clever designs for a quick present--or a pile of them.

No. 7: Let the sun shine with Julia Farwell-Clay's summery, carry-along designs.

No. 6: Lighten up your knitting with a blast of fresh air--four beautiful patterns by Amy Christoffers.

No. 5: Pure joy. Beautiful knit and purl patterns, exploring Cecelia Campochiaro's brilliant idea, sequence knitting.

No. 4: Our concise guide to a simple, limitless way to knit. With 3 clever patterns.

No. 3: A love affair with the most colorful yarns.

No. 2: Ease your way into colorwork.

No. 1: A stripe for every knitter.



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