#Fiberuary & #28DaysOfYourLYS

February 07, 2023

#Fiberuary & #28DaysOfYourLYS Yarn Folk

February is here, and that means it's time for the #FiberuaryChallenge and #28DaysOfYourLYS on Instagram! #FiberuaryChallenge is in its 10th year, originally created by Cecilia Nelson-Hurt (@creativececi) as a means of connecting with her fiber pals on Instagram, and it's grown each year since then. #28DaysOfYourLYS has been underway since at least 2019 (I remember posting from The National Needlearts Association trade show in Portland) and is a way for independent yarn shops to highlight a bit of what goes on inside our walls.

You can follow Yarn Folk on Instagram -- some posts cross over to Facebook, but if there is audio in the post, sometimes they don't.  You can also follow the hashtags to increase your February inspiration!

Current open hours are Monday - Thursday, 7am-3:30pm, Friday 8:30am - 5pm and Saturdays, 9am-4pm.

In-store shopping: masks are optional (but welcome and appreciated). 
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…to learn (and do)


Social Stitching

Every Saturday, 2-4pm

Join us around the big table for a couple of hours of convivial stitching.

Winter Challenges

Schedule changes related to winter weather will be posted on the door if possible, as well as on Instagram, Facebook, and Google. If roads are crummy on a Saturday, opening time will likely be delayed until 11:30.

Gartergan KAL

January 14-February 28 

Pattern here. This KAL will be self-directed, but please feel free to join in on Saturday social stitching, or to reach out for assistance. The beginning steps are well-designed and explained, but the cardigan starts out a bit differently than most, and I am happy to field questions! Recommended gauge is 20 stitches / 4"--lots of options will work for this! (Lore, Loch Lomond, Tosh DK, Encore, Lanas, Ultra Wool, Rios, Forge, Woolstok...)

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...to anticipate


We're happy to have our Yarn Folk needle/hook sizers back in stock from Katrinkles! Along with the February Stitch Markers of the Month, and...I couldn't resist adding some Valentine Cat Stitch Markers! 😻

 (Find all of our Katrinkles notions here.)

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…to inspire

© Ysolda Teague
Ysolda Teague's new Leith Hat pattern has a classic, simple look similar to her popular gauge-as-you-go Musselburgh Hat--but it requires a bit less yardage. The brim is effectively tripled, but the crown is a single layer. Leith is specifically designed for beginners, with thorough tutorials to knit the hat either flat or in the round.  The pattern calls for DK or worsted yarn knit at 20 stitches over 4"--we have the Neighborhood Fiber Company Studio DK used in Ysolda's sample above. Other great options would be The Croft DK, ColourLab DK, Tosh DK, Neptune DK, Encore, Lanas, Ultra Wool, Rios, Woolstok, or Forge. Like Musselburgh, Leith is sized for noggins from baby to adult extra-large.
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...to stitch 


I finished the Mended Plaid Cowl in Loch Lomond (kits in both Malabrigo Arroyo and Loch Lomond still available here). This was such a pleasant project, even though it took longer than it should have--mainly because I really only picked it up during social stitching. I chose the option to graft it together with a twist. The circumference of the adult medium size is 24", which I found very cozy, especially with the double thickness of fabric.
And...operating from the one-in-one-out principle, I started the Versa Cowl. One can only stare at nicely-wound cakes of Knitted Wit Worsted for so long....

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